Cyber Crime and the Labor Market: Safeguarding Our Future - 23 september 2024



Welcome to the Cyber Crime and the Labor Market Conference: Safeguarding Our Future

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming conference, “Cyber Crime and the Labor Market: Safeguarding Our Future,” an event that emphasizes the urgent need to protect the labor market from the growing threat of cybercrime, fraud, identity theft and high risk for companies. 

Why attend this conference?
The labor market is one of the primary targets for fraud, identity theft, and scams. Platforms such as LinkedIn, CV databases, and public online profiles are a goldmine for cybercriminals. The impacts are extensive: from fake applicants and job postings to identity fraud and company infiltration via fake recruiters. Every time you upload a CV or update your profile, there is a significant chance you could become a target for cybercriminals.

Moreover, criminals are using recruitment agencies to gain access to vital IT infrastructure and (personal) data of clients, consumers, citizens, companies, and inventories. The risks are high, and the urgency to act has never been greater.

What to Expect?
During the conference, international experts in risk management, cyber security, compliance, and recruitment will share their insights and experiences. They will highlight how widespread and urgent the problem is and discuss potential (radical) solutions. Besides keynote presentations, there will be informal discussions with peers on how to navigate this new market landscape.

Conference Highlights:
Suggestions for keynote speakers and whistleblowers are highly appreciated. Please get in contact with us. The full program will be announced at the beginning of August.

  • Keynotes by leading experts
  • Real-life examples of scams and infiltrations
  • Discussions on solutions and best practices
  • Informal networking sessions with peers

We look forward to welcoming you and working together towards a safer labor market.

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Join us to explore the critical issues surrounding cybercrime in the labor market and be part of the solution. Register now to secure your place at this important event.


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