Webinar: Become a Modern Agency Talent Wants to Work With - Hung Lee Special

  • Tuesday 03 May 2022
Recruitment agencies face a tremendous opportunity today to grow their business as the demand for talent reaches new heights. To take advantage of this opportunity, agencies must navigate through the obstacles of a historic talent shortage, evolving candidate expectations, and fierce competition, all of which have raised the stakes of providing an incredible experience for your team, your talent, and your clients.

Join us in this Hung Lee special webinar on May 3rd at 3 PM BST / 10 AM EST / 4 PM CETS, and learn how you can elevate your recruiters and unlock your teams’ true power and potential.

During this webinar, find out how you can:

  • Build a strategy that delivers the experience candidates want NOW

  • Efficiently tackle the talent shortage

  • Become a modern agency talent wants to work with


HUNG LEE - Editor of the leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood

Hung is an industry professional with over 20 years of experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment Manager, Internal Head of Talent, Recruitment Trainer, founder of award-winning online recruiting platform WorkShape.io, and now Editor and Community Builder at Recruiting Brainfood - one of the best weekly newsletters in recruitment.

GERALD HETRICK -VP of Talent Experiences at Bullhorn

Gerald is a career technology entrepreneur with a track record of building and operating successful b2b technology organisations centred around customer-need and employee opportunities. Previously, Gerald was co-founder and CEO of Able (formerly known as EmployStream), the leading provider of candidate onboarding to the recruitment industry. In early 2022 Able was acquired by Bullhorn, and Gerald joined Bullhorn as VP, Talent Experience. Gerald will continue to evangelise the importance of an incredible talent experience empowered by self-service and automation in this role.


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  • Tuesday 03 May 2022
  • 16:00 t/m 16:45