• Thursday 09 November 2017
On the 9th of November, we organize the first independent onboarding event in Amsterdam: Onboard.Amsterdam. From pre-hire to offboarding: we will inspire our guests how to engage and progress throughout a future proof employee journey.

We look into the constantly changing on- and offboarding journey. For every company, big or small, onboarding is a huge challenge. When your hires have onboarded properly, chances are they stay longer, are more committed to your company and are more productive.

But sooner or later these employees or the employer, decide that it's time to part ways. What happens with all (sometimes years of) accumulated knowledge and experience? Do departing employees remain ambassadors of your organization? Knowing reputation is more important than ever, the right offboarding is as important as onboarding.

Onboard Amsterdam invited the top HR representatives from around the world. To speak, to connect and to influence. NETFLIX, LinkedIn, Rituals and many more will guide us through the next trends in the ever changing world of on- and offboarding.

Join 250+ leading C-level HR representatives for the most prestigious onboarding event of the year. This event will be held at a unique location in Amsterdam.

Next to the speakers Onboard.Amsterdam gives stage top acts throughout the event.
It will be a beautiful and energized day and look forward to having you there!

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  • Thursday 09 November 2017
  • 14:00 t/m 18:00