ToTalent Silicon Valley Recruitment Masterclasses - 28/10/20, 4/11/20, 11/11/20

About the Masterclasses

The ToTalent Silicon Valley Recruitment Masterclasses provide an exclusive opportunity to listen to and interact with leading experts Kevin Wheeler, Dr. John Sullivan and Jim D’Amico about the future of recruitment. Wheeler, Sullivan and D’Amico are the recruiting dream team. With decades of experience advising leading firms in the heart of tech, Silicon Valley, they’ve likely forgotten more about recruitment than most will ever know. All the masterclasses will be hosted by Denise van der Lans, Community Manager of ToTalent.

3 Wednesdays, 3 leading experts

Each session takes place at 16:00 (CEST) on a Wednesday afternoon, and begins with a custom masterclass. After that, you’ll be able to ask these leading experts about anything recruiting or Silicon Valley-related.

Come prepared

You’ll receive every presentation beforehand, to ensure you can ask these leading experts the right questions. Believe us when we tell you the likes of Wheeler, Sullivan and D’Amico don’t often have time to take on a multitude of questions. Sessions will generally last 90 to 120 minutes and will be held online.

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The schedule

Wednesday 11 November, 16.00

Masterclass Jim D’Amico “Storytelling”

Jim will share unique but effective actions you can implement to improve the value, effectiveness, and efficiency of your teams.

He will share how his team partnered with a Hollywood screenwriter to become better story tellers, and how they developed a strategy around serialized story telling to seduce top talent to Celanese. Additionally, he will talk about how he leveraged technology and new process’s to align his teams efforts not only for improved efficiency, but to maximize their strategic value.

Jim will not dwell on theoretical underpinnings, but instead he will focus on how you can create buy in and implement these high impact strategies in your organizations.


Wednesday 4 November, 16.00 (tickets for replay available)

Masterclass Kevin Wheeler ” What Will Recruiting Look Like in 2022?”

The Pandemic, A.I., and numerous other trends have changed Talent Acquistion permanently. Will it even exist in 2022?  Will it have been replaced by RPO or automation or some other function?

Kevin will discuss these trends and the impact they have had on recruitment. And he will paint a picture of a possible and likely future for recruiters and recruiting.

Some fo the areas he will discuss include:

  •   The impact of A.I.
  •   The impact of the pandemic and it’s likely long term effects
  •   The growing power of RPO
  •   Changes in corporate structure and mindset
  •   A future scenario for internal TA
  •   The skills recruiters will need to develop to survive

Wednesday 28 October, 16.00 (tickets for replay available)

Masterclass dr John Sullivan “Adopting The Very Best From Silicon Valley Recruiting

Silicon Valley recruiting is hands down the most admired in the world. This approach is so powerful that it allows large firms like Google and Amazon down to startup sized firms to continually attract not just a high volume of excellent global talent. But also, the most impactful category of talent (we call them game changers), new-hires that innovate. This highly interactive class will reveal the Valley’s “hard for outsiders to discover” recruiting secrets. And then Dr Sullivan will walk you through the initial steps that corporate and agency recruiters should take to begin the transition. While at the same time almost immediately improving your recruiting results and business impacts. Dr Sullivan will also explain why waiting to make the transition may not be a good idea (for example, if you are a recruitment agency that wants to avoid the fate of other “agencies,” like travel agencies, that wouldn’t acknowledge fast enough that the old model was dying).

One of the features of Silicon Valley recruiting is mass personalization. So, to ensure that this session meets your needs and that it stands out. You will receive the presentation days in advance so that you can prepare personalized questions and let John know via email what additional information you would like to have covered during the class.


Invest in your future

3 Masterclasses
28-10: Dr John Sullivan (replay), 4-11: Kevin Wheeler, 11-11 Jim d'Amico
2 Masterclasses
4-11: Kevin Wheeler, 11-11 Jim d'Amico
1 Masterclass
4-11: Kevin Wheeler or 11-11 Jim d'Amico

If you have a colleague that would also like to attend the masterclasses, you’ll be able to add an additional registration for only €100.

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