When your tech scaleup is in hyper-growth mode, you need exceptional talent right here, right now. But talent in the Netherlands is scarce and you don’t have the time, energy (or guts!) to do what it takes for you to hire your awesome future colleagues. Here’s the good news: We do.

Your Talent Agency has your back, from A to Z. With us, you have access to a global talent pool of 30 million candidates (and you don’t have to deal with the IND or the Belastingdienst). Let us source, recruit and relocate talent from all over the world so you can get back to scaling up and being epic.

People first.

We get personal and involved. We are the agency that picks you up at the airport. Call you for your birthday. Check in with you to make sure the hire we sent you is happy and performing. We liaise between everyone and don’t mind to go the extra mile to make you feel special.

Get (Sh)it done.

We will go beyond 9-5 to solve a problem that affects our clients. Need to solve that Visa problem? Having problems with onboarding? No problem. We got your back.

Be rebellious.

We craft long term relationships. It’s in our DNA to be rebellious, epic and spontaneous. We don’t believe in competing with our industry counterparts.   But we do indeed do things that are not expected in this industry. We help other agencies achieve their goals. We make sure we always close a deal that’s win-win for everyone, even if it goes beyond our margins.


TikTok profile: https://www.tiktok.com/@yourtalentagency

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